The Landing Hotel is the most significant part of the East Block and is envisioned as a luxury boutique hotel catering to the visitors of the Wayzata and surrounding lakefront communities. Ideal for business guests of the many corporate businesses in the western metro of the Twin Cities, supporting the need for temporary guest rooms to other Promenade residents, a place for friends and relatives for the many wedding venues around the lake, and the visitors of Wayzata enjoying the new energy and destination lifestyle it has to offer. The hotel will offer a mid to upper scale platform with standard rooms and executive suites with amenities for community meetings, spa, intimate dining establishment and private dining venues, and a small banquet area.

Hay Creek Hotel is a hotel management company that specializes exclusively in Luxury Boutique Hotels. Based in the New England area, they manage hotels that align with the personality and character of the communities they serve. They understand community, flexibility, and most importantly - service. Many of their hotels are in quaint small town lakefront communities like; Kennebunkport, Maine, Exeter & Wolfsboro New Hampshire, and other unique places. Hay Creek Hotels experience comes from executives from some of the largest luxury hotel operations in the world, and formed to manage and service boutique luxury hotels. This group is a perfect match for what Wayzata deserves and the long-term success of the hotel.